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A recent Memphis Business Journal Article, Hot commercial sector pushes construction forecast to $360 billion (July 30, 2015), forecasts healthy growth for commercial construction this year. Are you prepared for the wrap up needs of your new project? Whether your client is a general contractor or an owner of a large construction project, the world of wrap-up insurance can be a confusing maze of acronyms – OCIP, CCIP etc. – and if you are looking for the best partner to guide and support you through the process, Wrap Up Insurance Solutions is the answer. Our niche is providing expertise and assistance to general contractors or owners through their insurance brokerage teams, in the placement and administration of wrap-up programs. In addition to program administration, Wrap Up Insurance Solutions also offers assistance in carrier selection, program design and implementation, claims, and safety/loss control.

We are involved with the project all the way through the process and we are just a phone call away. As the program administrator, we can structure the program and use our competitive intelligence to effectively manage your insurance coverage and ensure that your subcontractors have the proper level of insurance protection, which will save you time, money, and stress!

Our motto is,

“We’re the team that was there in the beginning, and we’re the same people who will be there at the end!”

Because of our extensive experience in energy, health care, entertainment, and other large scale construction projects, and the fact that we have managed over 300 projects and $30B in construction in both Worker’s Compensation and General Liability, you will benefit from working with one of the top insurance teams in the industry.

Another benefit of working with us is our proprietary online web portal, Wrap 24/7, a management system designed to help us focus on your individual objectives, allowing us to customize the program to focus on your critical areas of concern. This allows us to closely monitor your project’s daily work flow requirements from a central place and provide value to you through “real-time” Wrap Up Administration Services.

So, if you are searching for an administrator that is; tops in experience, reliable, and highly recommended by the National Insurance Wrap Up companies, and to ensure that your construction project progresses smoothly, please contact:

Brian Billhartz, CPCU
Senior Vice President
(636) 489-0185

Larry Jackson
Senior Vice President
(636) 489-0184

WRAP 24/7

The broad array of services offered by Wrap-Up Solutions is powered by WRAP 24/7.

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Customer Testimonials

“Both Brian and Larry have been very generous over the last year plus with sharing their knowledge of wrap ups including presentations and calls with our partner agencies as well as myself and other company employees working on wraps. They have been an invaluable resource for expanding my working knowledge of wrap up programs.”
– Dave H., Insurance Carrier Partner