Customer Testimonials

Both Brian and Larry have been very generous over the last year plus with sharing their knowledge of wrap ups including presentations and calls with our partner agencies as well as myself and other company employees working on wraps. They have been an invaluable resource for expanding my working knowledge of wrap up programs.

– Dave H., Insurance Carrier Partner

What makes Wrap Up Insurance Solutions unique, in your opinion?

They give you very personalized service and are willing to work with their client to fit their specific needs. Also it is great that you deal consistently with the same group of people. Wrap Up Insurance Solutions really does what their name says, they help their clients find the best solutions for each CCIP. Often times there are specific nuances as to a project or owner and Brian and Larry and Cindie will find solutions to meet our specific needs.

Why do you like working with Brian and Larry or why should a potential customer work with them?

The whole team, Brian, Larry and Cindie are extremely knowledgeable, and have a great system set up to facilitate the CCIP process. They are accommodating and always willing to assist with questions or concerns. They also develop strong policies and procedures with the carriers and are quick to respond to any issues or concerns.

– Andrea Nelson, Risk Manager –Manhattan construction

Insuring contractors and construction projects with wrap up programs requires industry expertise and a steadfast commitment to attentive service. Wrap Up Insurance Solutions’ team delivers on both, construction industry expertise and attentive service commitment. The team is very knowledgeable about all the areas of insurance coverage that go into an effective Wrap Up and responsive to the time sensitive needs of one. Maybe even more important, Wrap Up Insurance Solutions keeps a close eye on emerging trends unique to construction projects and consolidated insurance programs, helping make sure their clients’ protection is effective now and into the future.

– Michael McKinley, VP Controlled Insurance Programs, XL Catlin


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