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Feasibility Analysis

Wrap Up Insurance Solutions advises on the type, the size, and the eligible states for a wrap up, whether it is for a workers' compensation/general liability wrap up or general liability only wrap up. We can also prepare pro formas based on our vast contractor database, industry information, and current insurance market pricing to help you and your client make an educated decision on whether or not a wrap up makes sense.

Contract Facilitation

Wrap Up Insurance Solutions reviews and facilitates the development of generally accepted contract language and communicates the intention with the owners and general contractors. After determining that a project is feasible, Wrap Up Insurance Solutions works with the project team on contract language and communications between the construction parties.

Placement Advice and Marketing Guidance

Wrap Up Insurance Solutions works with agent partners and their established carriers and may introduce them to new carriers as identified in the feasibility stage. Wrap Up Insurance Solutions provides the communication and consulting guidance to these niche wrap up insurance underwriters as requested and/or required. Wrap Up Insurance Solutions also advises on the best coverage’s, terms, and pricing in the current market place. However, our agent partner still has control of the process and placement.

Claims and Safety

Wrap Up Insurance Solutions assists their agent partners in the oversight of these two critical areas of successful wrap ups. Wrap Up Insurance Solutions has an extensive partner network and internal staff members that will make sure you have the needed resources to support and enhance your safety and claims programs.

Consulting and Audit Services

Wrap Up Insurance Solutions provides consultative services for your clients that may not be purchasing a wrap up, but need assistance and guidance on projects they are involved with that are in wrap ups.

Wrap Up Insurance Solutions also performs audits of existing or completed wrap up programs on behalf of the wrap up sponsor.

General Liability Only Wrap Ups

General liability only wrap ups have re-emerged to meet the various coverage and control needs of insurance buyers. These wrap ups are geared towards smaller projects (as low as $2,000,000 in construction value) that normally wouldn’t qualify for a “large” combined workers' compensation/general liability wrap up, or meet a coverage need. For example, in more litigious construction defect climates, these products provide the majority of liability coverage on smaller residential projects.

Wrap Up Insurance Solutions general liability only wrap up experience is extensive with over 500 general liability only wraps throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.